The weather held out long enough for Fefe to tie the knot with Sham, here’s how it went down…

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Jasmin & Chander kicked off the year with a wonderful engagement party…

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Not going to waste any time, we’ll let the video do the talking.


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Another day, another edit…

This weekend we’ve been filming for more hours than we care to mention. Sunday’s venue was the beautiful Northbrook Park in Farnham and we were blessed with weather to match.

Rani & Ryan are a cool couple who we really got on with and we wanted to shock and surprise them with a same day edit of their civil ceremony. Normally we would find a place out of the way and get working… however we couldn’t catch a break! There was literally nowhere to set up a work station, in the end with only 45 minutes left, we found ourselves behind the bar where we had access to a power socket and used a fridge for a makeshift desk. As the first few guests at the bar lined up the Jägerbombs, we lined up the clips in the timeline. It was tricky to edit footage from moments earlier without letting the guests cotton on to what we had in store for them, as was editing off of only 3 of the memory cards as the team was still filming the beginning of the party.

When the time came, Nav of Iconic DJs rallied up the couple and the crowd for the first dance of the evening only to stop them in their tracks. He turned their attention to the screens and the room fell silent as the video began to play. The audience was shocked, surprised and moved to tears in some cases. These are the reasons why we put ourselves through the stress of doing same day edits.


Preeti contacted us through a recommendation a week before the wedding, they had forgotten to book someone to film their special day, and at this point they hadn’t even seen our work. After a short conversation we asked her to take a look at our style of work – it was exactly what she wanted.

We understand how stressful wedding planning can be and said we would help wherever possible… even if that meant we had to tie the groom’s turban on the day of the wedding (which is what we ended up doing!).

Shooting started at 6:45am and we wrapped up the doli by 3:30pm, it had already been a long day and included an 80 mile journey from Wellingborough to Southall. The team arrived at the evening reception venue at 4pm and we had a 2 hour window to surprise Preeti and Sandip, and to remind everyone why we were here tonight.

Producing a same day edit is always a challenging and stressful – there are so many factors that can go wrong from software to playback on the large screens. But that moment when the host directs everyones attention to the screens, the room falls silent as a few hundred people watch on and the looks on their faces makes it all worthwhile.

A special mention and thanks goes out to the Maharaja Music team, the EventsBooth crew and the technical wizards Harms and Ams.


Divya & Ashley know how to throw a party, here’s how it went down…


This project was filmed and finished in August, but we had to keep it under wraps untill now…

Ricky and Kiran approached us to produce a video to play to their guests before they made their grand entrance. The brief was to be classy, stylish and most of all – not cheesy! It was great filming these two and the feedback from everyone on the day was amazing!

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You may have already seen our same day edit of Rav & Tarun’s wedding 9if not – click here), check out their short film…

We edited this in a softer fashion than usual so the couple and their families have something they can all enjoy for years to come.



Dj Raj commissioned a high impact trailer of his performance. We had done trailers like this before and wanted to do something unique for Raj. The decision was made to record his set and use a live mix as the backbone of the video, this give a true indication of his skills the energy of his performance.

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We actually decided to surprise Rav & Tarun with a same day edit while driving up to the bride’s house at 6am. However, the proceedings of the day were running 3 hours late the chances of being able to start the edit were quickly turning against us. We reluctantly dropped the idea as we left the stunning Gurdwara in Gravesend as we headed in to the docklands for the reception….

Our route took us down the A102 and we were hit by a wall of grid lock traffic.

Photo 18-08-2013 02 58 48 PM

If this SDE was going to happen it had to be done now. 4 miles away from the venue, laptop overheating and battery draining fast – the clips were imported in to Final Cut… 4 miles took 45 minutes, we arrived at the Britannia Hotel with the edit completed and 2% battery. A quick charge and render later, this is the result.

Made possible thanks to the grey BMW that broke down in the Blackwall Tunnel.

P.S. – You may want to turn the volume up to jam out to this one


We get a buzz from surprising 400 people at a wedding with a same day edit, the reactions that we get are priceless. Anthony and Sheetal’s was no different, enjoy….

Anthony & Sheetal – Same Day Edit from The London Lighthouse on Vimeo.

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Nisha and Dipesh on their wedding day at Goosedale in Nottingham.

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We had a great time at Varinder and Jinder’s wedding, both of the families were a joy to work with. We wish the beautiful couple all the best for the future, here is your big day…

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